How a classically trained musician broke all the rules when she geared her music to faith and devotion.

On ‘Home Reimagined,’ Florida artist Michelle Langone combines her extraordinary, operatic voice with blissful EDM, singing about faith, spirituality, and healing. The combination absolutely should not work – but in this excellent song, Michelle shows how far she can bend the rules to create a music style all of her own.


Florida music artist Michelle Langone has released her new single, ‘Home Reimagined,’ offering a truly unique take on songs about spirituality.


Michelle is a classically trained musician who has won widespread acclaim in the past for her tendency to, in her own words, ”play outside of the box of established creative conventions.”


This idea of “playing outside the box” manifests in many ways. Michelle began her singing career as an operatic soprano, meaning that she could deliver arena-sized, live performance-oriented vocals – but after embarking on a deeply personal spiritual journey in recent years, she used her incredible voice to sing about matters of the heart and soul, in entirely original ways.


The 25-year-old artist released her debut EP, Coming Home, in mid-2022. It was a work that embodied the sound of a victorious spirit overcoming hardship through the power of love and music. For some other artists, this kind of profound way of talking about music might sound trite – but with Michelle’s transcendental vocals, it was indeed appropriate. This music struck a chord with the heart, the senses, and its listeners’ more profound spiritual nature; needless to say, it won her thousands of fans.

Michelle is now working on her debut full-length album, From My Soul To Yours.  The album is set to be released in November 2024. Ahead of its release, Michelle plans to release a new single every month this year to give fans a taste of where her recent spiritual journeys have taken her.


‘Home Reimagined,’ Michelle’s first single of 2024, is an inspiring gem of a song. A reworking of her 2022 track ‘Home,’ this new version of the song plumbs deeper depths to explore what it means to seek out God and surrender to faith. Michelle made the wise and appropriate choice to involve EDM legend Jake Neumar of BHAVIOR music on this new version of the track. Under Jake’s guidance, ‘Home Reimagined’ takes on a grander, more propulsive energy; it becomes a dance track that tries and succeeds to capture the ecstatic feelings of a person finding faith and discovering the truth of what home means. As per the original song, Michelle’s voice remains the centerpiece – only it feels more powerful and hard-hitting than ever.


‘Home Reimagined’ is shared with the world on March 8. Accompanying this new single is a music video directed by Michelle’s long-time friend and close visual collaborator, Angelica Bourland. Excitingly, Michelle has also enlisted the help and expertise of an award-winning underwater photographer/cinematographer, Phoebe Fitz, for this ambitious (and, by the sounds of it, amphibious) project.


‘Home Reimagined’ marks an auspicious start to a pivotal year for Michelle Langone.