Singer-songwriter Jessica Nicole Brown returns with explosive new single "Hoopla la la".

Rising artist Jessica Nicole Brown follows her acclaimed debut EP ‘Girl, I Don’t Know’ with latest release “Hoopla la la”, an infectious exploration of the unknown. A South Carolina native, Jessica cites the likes of Musiq Soulchild and Lauryn Hill as her influences, with the latest evolution of her sound demonstrating Brown’s fire for success.


She has become known for tongue-in-cheek lyrics alongside a soulful vocal performance, and “Hoopla la la” adds a blend of pop, hip-hop, rock and punk to the mix. Opening with a sharp shouting sample, Brown’s angsty flow cuts against rock drums, distorted synths, guitars, and deep bass. The result: a punchy track that is as ferocious as it is unique, revealing the artist’s fearless attitude towards sonic experimentation. 


Speaking about the single, Brown explains: “I went through many different drafts, but the constant was the feeling of rage or hatred towards someone who said they loved me… I just imagined it with obnoxious 808s and a rock flair. I also heard it having somewhat of a pop/punk attitude in my delivery. Picture this song being recorded after I was put through hell and now, I’m back to return the favour.”


Stream “Hoopla la la” by Jessica Nicole Brown below: