Step into summer with Lyza Jane's good vibes trip-hop album.

Written while stuck at home in Acton with a broken foot –  “Housebound” is the laid back summer album we’ve been waiting for, and the 3rd EP from trip-hop sensation Lyza Jane.

Raised in the punk household of late stepfather and frontman of the Clash Joe Strummer, Lyza took this musical upbringing and made it her own with a departure into electronic, hip-hop infused tunes, releasing her first album in 2015 titled “Milk Teeth” at the age of twenty-two. Since then Lyza has taken her music prowess to new heights, her latest album featuring Lee Scott, Black John and Danny Lever, creates an atmospheric blend of hip-hop beats with synth notes and her own airy vocals.  The tracks are reminiscent of neon-tinged, liquor-lit summer nights spent listening to vinyl in your bedroom and will be the perfect backing track to your July adventures.

Check out the video for the album’s debut single, “Indigo,” below.