Hailing from the island of St Maarten in the Caribbean, LeTreez has embarked on an impressive artistic journey over the last few years, signing publishing deals and securing a musical legacy for himself inside and outside the studio.

Caribbean artist LeTreez is one of the best examples of how an emerging artist’s career can change within a few short years.  


Initially finding incredible success as a producer, LeTreez is noted for having spent the better part of the last decade hustling hard and making beats that have been synced on various major TV shows. His music has appeared on networks like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Showtime, and Hulu – meaning that even if you haven’t heard his name, it’s likely that you’ll already have listened to his work.


But things took off for LeTreez post-pandemic. His most recent achievements have been landing a placement on the HBO show The Idol trailer and collaborating with a whole legion of prominent entities, including the NBA, the NFL, and many others. His music has impacted millions of listeners, meaning he’s already come far from his humble island beginnings.  


Amid it all, LeTreez has always combined his musical ability with his innate business savvy. In recent years, he has been credited with being “more than just an artist. His hallmark lies in his exceptional versatility and adeptness at navigating diverse markets simultaneously.”


This versatility first led to LeTreez inking a deal with Warner Chappell France in 2023 – after production work he had done for an artist. The deal helped open industry doors for LeTreez, for which he was thankful (even as he made a firm commitment to stay independent regarding his musical pursuits). 

As he gears up for the release of new music in 2024 (including his newest single, ‘Margiela’), LeTreez says he’s continuing to “figure out how to make a living doing something I love…It’s one of the most difficult things.” Part of continuing to “do something he loves” is staying fully independent and authentic to himself at every step of his artistic journey. As a producer, songwriter, and mix engineer, he is blessed to have collaborated with over 100 artists, seamlessly transitioning between genres and styles – from rap and pop to dancehall and Afrobeat. LeTreez’s experience, independence, and willingness to put himself out there have made him a favored musician among other professional musicians.  


So, what’s LeTreez’s next step? He’s only 28 years old, meaning he’s just laying the groundwork for a long career ahead. Frequently moving between Montreal, Paris, and LA, LeTreez has been cultivating a global network within the music industry and a worldwide fanbase. 


His next single, ‘Margiela,’ is due out in May, and he no doubt has big plans for how he’ll continue to grow his music catalog in the weeks, months, and years following its release

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