Challenging the conventions of high fashion, Loewe took over the Met Gala, draping the biggest and best-dressed stars in eccentric looks.


We all know the Met is one of the biggest nights on the fashion calendar year and there’s always one brand that stands out amongst the crowd of celebs and extravagant robes. This year, Loewe held the spotlight in both hands, providing a ’grand slam gala’ appearance for fans and their idols to enjoy in equal measure.


Jonathan Anderson, Creative Director of Loewe and Founder of his eponymous label JW Anderson hosted a plethora of stars at this year’s New York Met Gala, including Ayo Edebiri, Josh O’Connor, Mike Faist, and Ariana Grande – not to mention Anna Wintour, who wore custom Loewe to inaugurate the event. And it’s no wonder as to why, as the Spanish fashion house forefronts industry standards with its innovative compositions and artful craftsmanship.


Timely, Jonathan invited Mike Faist and Josh O’Connor, two stars from the recent box-office hit, Challengers, directed by Luca Guadagnino, another of Loewe’s invitees to this year’s event. Luca was seen adorning a crystal embroidered suit set, and a pair of rounded, staple Loewe sunglasses.


The cast of Challengers followed suit, supporting the brand at this year’s event. Mike Faist wore a somewhat radish-looking brooch upon his tailored Loewe two-piece suit, reminding us that Loewe pays attention to those smaller details. Meanwhile, Josh O’Connor’s blossoming boots against his excessively elongated tux-tails, partnered with his silver, glistening brooch-like bowtie also provided a memorable moment.


It’s the niche embellishments and the je ne sais quoi that make Loewe one of the world’s hottest brands.


Jonathan Anderson’s creative vision showcased Anna Wintour donning an, as mentioned, custom, floral, overcoat partnered with a silvery, embroidered dress and heels. The embellishments on the coat are composed of red/yellow feathers and embroidered leaves, creating this tropically vibrant cascading effect juxtaposing the pure, bright gown beneath.


It is in Loewe’s nature to go against the grain, to go all out, not to shy away from convention. For the brand, it’s not all about the glam, it’s about the craftsmanship and the wonder their clothing instils in its audience. Ayo Edebiri blended in with nature, looking meadow-like and beautiful in a fully embroidered gown, adhering directly to the dress code, The Garden of Time.


Taylor Russell never misses the mark when it comes down to her fashion decisions. She wore a wood-style bodice that matched perfectly to white drapery that became her skirt.


The brand’s recent advertising campaign starred Audrey Plaza and Dan Levy in a comedic approach of a spelling bee, where Plaza is given Loewe-associated words to spell… to which she fails miserably and Dan Levy is there to judge. Dan appeared on the Met’s carpet in a suit similar to the style of Edebiri’s in which it almost looks as if nature is growing up from the ground and into the ensemble.


So, to close, Loewe’s presence at this year’s Met Gala was nothing short of spectacular. They gave us so many works of art, faces we recognise and a whole lot of awe. Loewe’s commitment to innovations and meticulous mastery was evident in every detail. With its unique aesthetic and precision, Loewe continues to push the boundaries of fashion, solidifying itself repeatedly in the top three seeds of the world’s hottest brands.