RIIVA takes control in her quietly empowering new track, "HTML".

RIIVA is ready to put herself first. The artist explains that “I long for sexual experiences with more depth, as in emotional closeness. No ego trips and thoughtless booty calls. Just someone who is considerate, values me and treats me well. Some kind of deeper connection is like fuel to my fire!”.


Accordingly, her music is now charged with themes of self-empowerment and bodily autonomy, through which she hopes to find a route to true and lasting intimacy. These are ideas which have fed directly into her brand new single “HTML”, which RIIVA explains “stands for How To Make Love. Some people would say it’s a song about sex but it’s not that simple.”


It’s a song defined by confidence, RIIVA’s proclamation that “she’s going to show you how to do it”. Her smooth and languid vocals guide the listener through a journey in which she’s fully in control. In fitting with RIIVA’s words, it’s about how her body is “a temple” which she demands to be treated with the respect it deserves.

Listen below: