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To support the launch of Fashion Flair in Milan last week, HUAWEI partnered with Anna Yang, of fashion label ANNAKIKI to undertake and complete the world’s first fashion collection in partnership with smartphone AI technology.

The collection was co-created by a tailored app which was trained by inputting tens of thousands of iconic fashion images from the last 100 years into the platform, along with a specific set of ANNAKIKI collection images. By applying a number of filters the AI in the HUAWEI P30 and HUAWEI P30 PRO created a proposal for an initial outfit, which was then developed into a finished garment by Anna Yang.


Yang, renowned for the creative flair of her garments, often worn by artists such as Lady Gaga, made use of the wide scope offered by the project.


“For this project, I experimented with something that I had never done before, taking inspiration from a smartphone’s AI as the starting point of my designs.” states Yang.


As we continue to explore the possibilities technology could bring to the world of fashion, this application of AI is an interesting probe into the creative process taken by designers. Anna stated the process saved her time, and provided inspiration to collaborate rather than provide a product.  


“Artistic expression is built on the inspiration that creators take from the trends they see around them and experiences that they have built up over many years. With Fashion Flair, we’ve used AI to give fashion designers an alternative starting point for developing their outfits, all built on real trends and experiences.” states Isabella Lazzini, Marketing & Retail Director Huawei CBG Italia. 


The entire collection can be bought exclusively online at LuisaViaRoma.