The German brand maintains its HUGO Your Way motto and invite guests to the British GP to experience the thrills of fashion and Formula 1.

Few events on the calendar epitomise the intersection between sport and fashion as well as the British Grand Prix. The F1 and fashion world have become synonymous: each race brings together celebrities and sportsmen, who all dress to impress before, during and after the flag is waved. Equally, the motorsport itself has influenced some of luxury fashion’s biggest houses; rarely does a season go by where you don’t see a racer jacket and gloves heading down the runway. Witnessing Lewis Hamilton’s fairytale return to the top of the podium at Silverstone this year, were a host of VIPs invited by HUGO, wearing head-to-toe looks from the brand’s latest collection.

Visa Cash App RB Formula 1™ Team drivers Yuki Tsunoda and Daniel Ricciardo arrived at Silverstone in full HUGO Fall ‘24 looks. Meanwhile, model Emeilia Silberg could be seen mixing alongside actress Jessie Mae Alonzo, as well as an array of influencers that included Jonathan Davis, Kannan Pitan, Reuben Larkin, D’nieccio Mitchell and Alykhan Meghani, who all wore this season’s HUGO.

The Sidemen member Tobi Brown, TBJZL, was also clad in HUGO at Silverstone on Sunday. Prior to the race, the YouTuber had partnered with the German fashion mainstays for the Tobi Brown Racing Challenge, where he invited his network of online creators to a HUGO x RB pop-up at Bluewater Shopping Centre to compete in a racing simulator challenge.

If the outfits were anything to go by, HUGO’s Fall ‘24 collection features a range of strong smart casual looks. From khaki bomber and cargo two-pieces to sleek suits and statement bomber jackets, the brand’s awareness of current trends makes it a favourite among Gen-Z, who replicate the thrill of Formula 1 in their fashion choices.