In celebration of PWR IN NUMBERS' take-off in Oslo, we team up with breakout artist, Arz, who gets to know the brains behind the industry’s hottest new record label.

PWR IN NUMBERS is the industry’s hottest new record label that every rising artist needs under their radar. Reverberating through the streets of Hackney, PWR IN NUMBERS is taking over the city for their steadfast commitment to artist autonomy, ensuring that emerging talent thrives within a supportive community.


Rooted in a 15-year journey, the story of PWR IN NUMBERS traces back to the fateful meeting of founders of Kodj and Shola. What began as friendly rivalry, fleetly blossomed into a formidable partnership driven by a shared passion for uplifting young talent and a keen business acumen. Soon, PWR IN NUMBERS was born and their journey in stepping-stoning the hottest talent in the game took shape.


With unparalleled flexibility whilst championing collective support, the label has dedicated its efforts into uplifting communities far and wide. Teaming up with Generation. Works, PWR IN NUMBERS sets out to mentor and train young talents from disadvantaged backgrounds, carving out pathways to success in the creative industry while dismantling stereotypes.


Last month marked a pivotal moment in the label’s history with the unforgettable All-4-One showcase. Blending music with community, the night brimmed with the freshest talent on the scene, from Hackney’s finest, Frenzy, and renowned MC, Capo Lee, to burgeoning rapper, Arz, the stage was set alight with their seamless flow and unmatched wordplay, for a night that would be etched in the memories for all lucky enough to attend.


Speaking to the brains behind the brand, rising rapper Arz, who’s signed to PWR IN NUMBERS, sits down with Kodj and Shola to chat about supporting the next gen of talent and the importance of community.

How does PWR IN NUMBERS envision supporting emerging artists like myself within the Hackney community and beyond, considering its deep-rooted commitment to unity and empowerment?

Shola: We want to ensure artists have the confidence to firstly be themselves and feel good about that. You need self-confidence, belief and esteem in a sweet spot to really flourish, especially when it’s to do with ideas that come from within. We want artists to feel like if they have an idea, there is a creative solution that is resourceful and low-cost so they can begin their journey and have sustainability.

Could you share some insights into the label’s journey and its philosophy of nurturing talent and fostering community engagement, especially in light of our launch event at Oslo in Hackney?

Shola: The foundation of our independent label is from a genuine friendship outside of music. We grew up in Hackney and shared a lot of spaces. Hackney was adventurous for us during secondary school and there was so much to do in regards to sports, arts, culture and socialising. We would be in the same wide circle and link up weekdays through to weekends and just do cool things that kids do with the occasional twist lol.


The foundation of this genuine connection is proof that positive relationships create great outcomes for humans. We want artist we work with to be organic and offer sincerity in their approach to working with people because the creative community around artists are often the reason they can propel and build a fruitful career.


Think about the engineers, videographers, producers, assistants, creative directors, managers and many more people in crucial roles that bring the best out of an artist and help tell their stories to the world. NO MAN (OR WOMAN) IS AN ISLAND.

PWR IN NUMBERS has been instrumental in creating opportunities for young creatives through initiatives like ‘This Way Up CIC’. How do you see these efforts impacting the next generation of artists and musicians?

Kodj: I think infrastructure and network is something we were lacking as children. We saw some really talented people sway off their aspiration path because there was nothing tangible to motivate them.

As an artist on the label, I’ve witnessed firsthand the collaborative spirit and support provided by PWR IN NUMBERS. How do you maintain this sense of camaraderie while also pushing boundaries in the music industry?

Kodj: It’s tough because although we contribute to the music industry we have to separate ourselves and build our own universe. I think the nature of our personalities and the talent we are honoured to work with and represent have the USP of self belief and innovation. We have to inspire through our bravery to take the stairs when everyone is in the elevator. It took us 10+ yrs to get to this point and we still have a LONGGGG way to go.

From the recent visit to New York to upcoming events like ‘ALL-4-ONE’, PWR IN NUMBERS seems to be expanding its reach globally while staying rooted in its local community. How do you balance these different levels of engagement?

Kodj: Such a great question and actually some food for thought. I would say my instinctual response to that question is ‘Global Community’ , which means we travel across borders with several people from our UK community, and we share the music of great artists from all genres that are contributing to telling the story of UK. No hating on anyone and playing politics we leave that to the rich people who are here for money and not art. Through this approach, you’ll attract like-minded individuals who will become close companions and naturally, communities will merge, and movements will be created.

‘Alone With You’ achieving platinum status was a significant milestone not just for me but for the label as well. How does PWR IN NUMBERS continue to empower artists to reach new heights while staying true to their artistic vision?

Shola: We aren’t great at celebrating over here. One of our favourite quotes is ‘Don’t celebrate too soon, done celebrate too long. I guess we just want to stay grounded and also don’t want any fake love either. We’ve seen how you’re everyone’s sweetheart one day and the next day they forget your name lol. Humility & respect are what got us here and that’s how we will continue. Personal development over optics and outcomes.

Diversity and inclusion are central to the ethos of both Hackney’s community and PWR IN NUMBERS. How does the label ensure that voices from all backgrounds are heard and represented in its roster and activities?

Kodj: This Way Up offers workshops that are inclusive of everyone. We offer sign-ups for workshops that are available to everyone. We are privileged to meet great artists and try to keep the focus on sound. Sound is everywhere, sound is everyone.

The launch event at Oslo is a celebration of culture and creativity – could you tell us more about how events like these contribute to the label’s mission of empowering the community?

Shola: I think underground culture and sound system culture is a thing of the past. Whilst there are still some major sound systems that you’ll catch at carnival and prominent areas rich in art and culture, we find that the young generation needs to see the origins of music and performance. We also find some adults are disconnected from the youth and their creativity as the internet is the playground for artists and youth whilst adults may have fixed interests and spend less time online.


Lockdown contributed to the divide and we want to bridge the gap and foster some harmony as youth and elders can often share great spaces and offer great insights to each other. It takes a village to raise a person.

Supporting creative workshops for students is a noble endeavour. How does PWR IN NUMBERS plan to continue investing in the next generation of talent and providing them with the resources they need to succeed?

Shola: The power of God! Seriously we’ve had amazing people support us. This Way Up, EGA, Generation. Works have been pivotal to our ecosystem ensuring that we support each other as cross-functional teams. Also, we have had the amazing opportunity of partnering with amazing independents like Beggars Group who have the consciousness that cares about real creatives.

Looking ahead, what are some of the key goals and aspirations that PWR IN NUMBERS has for the future, both in terms of artist development and community impact?

Kodj: Key goals are to keep helping top creatives with the right attitude, respect for people, and humility. Teaching them how to keep their independence, build teams with friends and family surrounding them for the nurture and mentoring they are going to need on the rocky path to the best career in the world.


We need to keep the lights on and keep raising funds. As independents, if we need to roll up our sleeves and do our day jobs for self-investment into things we care about then we will do this. We signed up for this route and it’s about entrepreneurship as we expand business and take risks. Resources are important as long as you are resourceful!