Finnish electronic producer Kooma takes us on an audio-visual experience in the video for “Hydra”, illuminating the song’s glitchy synths.

The stage name of Petri Hautala, an ambient electronic producer from Helsinki, Kooma’s built a dedicated fanbase who enjoy his percussive lo-fi cuts. Accumulating over 12 million streams across all platforms, the multifaceted producer singer-songwriter is staking a claim with his meandering electronica, which sits in its own lane.  


Inspired by everyone from Flume to Linkin Park, Kooma’s music sonically explores the more ambient textures of his favourite artists. Landing Spots on several Spotify editorials, the artist echoes his contemporaries with deeply atmospheric scores that promote tranquillity and puts listeners in a place of peace. 


An audio-visual experience, the music video to “Hydra” is left completely open to interpretation. Illuminated by the song’s glitchy electronica and distorted synths, The Matrix-esque visuals provide an abstract commentary on Kooma’s world and how he sees it. Encouraging us to use our imagination, the video successfully brings the Finnish artist’s song to life.  

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