A new documentary film gives an inside look at the life of teenage activist and trailblazer, Greta Thunberg, in ‘I Am Greta’.

We are all familiar with the weight that the name Greta Thunberg carries in the fight for climate action. Her level of passion and awareness for our environment is something that we should all aspire to hold.


Making an internationally renowned name for herself as a young girl determined to reverse the effects of climate change, Greta publicly spoke in front of world leaders, rallied protesters, authored a book, and generally continues to be a beacon of hope for the younger generation.


In this intimate documentary filled with never-before-seen footage,  Sweedish Director Nathan Gross charts how one schoolgirl created the power to cause a global stir.


The film follows Greta’s stand-alone school strike for climate action outside the Swedish Parliament in 2018. At just 15 years old, this move sparked a domino effect of school strikes across the globe and led to her wind-powered voyage across the Atlantic Ocean to speak at the UN Climate Action Summit.


This documentary is set to inspire and educate viewers on the impact of global warming and the astonishing change that could take place if the state of our planet doesn’t become our top priority.


‘I Am Greta’ is set to be released in cinemas from 16th October 2020.

Watch the official trailer for 'I Am Greta' below: