Rising star axe.shay blends the beauty of classical Indian music with a contemporary twist on his debut single, 'I Belong to You'.

Emerging as a solo artist, Akshay—under the moniker axe.shay—unveils his debut single ‘I Belong to You’ from his forthcoming EP, set for this summer. Driven by candid lyrics and soft acoustic riffs, the track heralds the beginning of Akshay’s solo journey, deeply influenced by his rich musical heritage and diverse inspirations.


The great-grandson of esteemed Indian classical Thumri artist Naina Devi, axe.shay’s musical journey was written in the stars. After graduating from the University of Southern California (USC) in 2007, he started a rock and blues band called Barefaced Liar, who instantly made an impact with their catchy releases. During the pandemic, Akshay took the opportunity to reflect on how far he’d come and where he wanted to take his music next. Honing his production and mixing skills, the then-budding artist broadened his sonic repertoire, and under the mentorship of revered guitar player Pt. Debashish Bhattacharya, reconnected with his classical roots.


‘I Belong to You’ explores the intricacies of relationships, showcasing Akshay’s intricate fingerpicking and percussive guitar techniques. The track merges his Indian classical influences with a contemporary acoustic sound, offering a mesmerising listening experience. “It’s about love, acceptance, and appreciating the human flaws in ourselves and others,” he reflects. Drawing comparisons to the early works of José González, his debut single and upcoming EP promise a harmonious blend of all the sounds Akshay has developed until now. With its release finally upon us, axe.shay is proving why he’s a serious one to watch for the year ahead.

Listen to 'I Belong to You' now: