Renowned Berlin-based avant-garde artist Anastave releases her new album, 'I Don't Want You In The Light'.

Boundary-pushing electronic artist Anastave is back and sounding more introspective than ever. Releasing her debut album at the end of last month, the singer-songwriter continues to compel with her ability to paint intimate portraits of the world around her. Titled ‘I Don’t Want You In The Light’, the project delves into the depths of her emotions, creating dark and occasionally euphoric atmospheres.  


Based in Berlin, Anastave’s become renowned for her avant-garde approach to making music. She’s manifested a distinctive sound into existence, winning over critics and fans alike. Equally adept at singing and producing, the mark of a true artist, she continues to set a precedent that her contemporaries find difficult to follow.  


‘I Don’t Want You In The Light’ was partly written over lockdown, which explains its claustrophobic vibe. On the record, Anastave says there’s naturally, “A feeling of wanting to escape my thoughts but also being painfully connected with them at the same time.” It’s this dichotomy that creates conflicting moods throughout. Lead single “Every Night” is a beautifully dark pop song, while “Medicine” is more electronic focused: a return to the sonic universe many know her for.  


Listen to 'I Don't Want You In The Light' below: