NYC-based artist, GVosti, unveils her emotive new electro-pop single “I Got You”, capturing a conversation about mental health.

After attending NYU and receiving a degree in Music Technology, Gina Vosti (artist name GVosti) released her debut EP Reaction in 2020. As a producer, songwriter and musician, GVosti prides herself in being involving in every aspect of music creation from engineering to mixing.


Now, she returns with her latest single “I Got You” which tackles a conversation about mental health through wistful vocals layered with dreamy synths. The phrase ‘I Got You’ is repeated as a refrain throughout, acting as an uplifting reminder that in difficult times it is okay to ask for help.


Speaking more on the track, GVosti elaborates: ‘“I Got You” is a conversation between two people about mental health. It is from the perspective of someone who wants to help and be supportive. I wrote this song in early Covid when I was having a hard time, and most people I knew were too. Everyone processes difficult times differently, some want to talk while some want space. You can support someone in your life by listening to their needs, and you can support yourself by doing the same.’

Stream the track below: