London-based singer-songwriter, BIM, unveils her hypnotic new track “I Still Remember”, a tantalising taster from her upcoming EP.

Born and raised in London with roots in gospel music, BIM has provided vocals for some of the world’s top artists including Elton John, Dua Lipa and Calvin Harris. Commanding respect on the scene with her musical credentials, BIM even coordinated the choir for The Royal Wedding.


Now, BIM returns with her soulful new track “I Still Remember”. Textured and complex, the track flexes BIM’s soaring mezzo soprano and buttery tone, melting effortlessly with slow, luxurious beats and the artist’s signature bass.


The track navigates the collective whirlwind experience of being black in Britain. Elaborating further, BIM explains: ‘It was written in the summer of 2020 when it seemed that so many, for the first time, were seeing the reality of our daily lives for what can be. There seemed to be an awakening taking place but this song articulates my frustration with the idea that this is a ‘new’ occurrence. It’s not. Calling out what has been wrong for so long is very overdue and this is my way of asking where were you? and why did you take so long?’


Keep an eye out for BIM. With her EP set to be released soon, we can’t wait to hear more of the artist’s powerful vocals and touching songwriting.

Stream the track below: