Dreaming up the perfect revenge, rising artist Ella Collier is defiant but playful on 'I THINK I MIGHT'.

The final single off her EP, Ella Collier‘s ‘I THINK I MIGHT’ sets the tone for the project with a mischievous wink. Fuelled by the fantasy of perfect revenge, the artist appears calm but defiant. What if she took control and caused some drama? “Have you ever been called crazy by a lover, or lack thereof? Well, I’m about to show you just how crazy I can get,” Ella says, explaining the sentiment behind the song.


“I think I might / Just out of spite / Throw a little party just for you … / What a surprise!” she taunts on the track, “And I’ll invite / Call up all your exes / Rendezvous / We got room for people at the table…” Light and playful but with fierce, frenetic undertones, ‘I THINK I MIGHT’ romanticises the idea of burning it all to the ground.


Raised in Atlanta and now based in LA, Ella is a powerhouse vocalist and witty, introspective writer telling stories of life and love. Blending elements of R&B, electronic sounds and a myriad of pop influences on ‘I THINK I MIGHT’, the track, made with collaborator Sam Vendig, is representative of the melting pot of genres she connects with – including trap, EDM, pop and hyperpop. 


To celebrate her full EP dropping on 13th October, catch Ella headlining the Moroccan Lounge in LA next month. Get your tickets here.

Listen to 'I THINK I MIGHT':