Independent artist and creative ALIAH collaborates with Myquale on her nonchalant new release “I Want You”.

ALIAH is an alternative R&B singer from Chicago, but her creativity doesn’t stop at music as she is also the founder of Aala Studios; a creative brand that shares playlists, mood boards and has its own clothing range. Her newest single “I Want You” is a heartfelt track about yearning for something/someone you can’t have.


Throughout ALIAH’s work the artist takes on a DIY approach, having released her debut EP ‘Being’ in 2017, the artist later dropped her first full-length project ‘Flux/Flow’. With a handful of singles and projects now out, “I Want You” comes as a smooth lo-fi self-release and features writer and storyteller Myquale, and together the pair make for an admirable team.


Throughout this single, the artist lays her cards out on the table for an unapologetically honest release. If “I Want You” says anything about ALIAH as an artist, it’s that she is an emerging talent you should have on repeat right now. 

Stream “I Want You” below: