Minneapolis rocker Nate Amor releases the new single 'I Want You', following his debut album Keep Dreaming.

Using his music as a force for good, Nate Amor is the Minneapolis native making an impact with his powerful songwriting abilities. Growing up obsessed with Elvis and The Beach Boys, after performing the former’s classic single ‘In The Ghetto’ at a high school talent show, he began dedicating himself to music, developing an uncompromising classic rock sound. After releasing his debut album, Keep Dreaming, in January this year, he’s returned with the vigorous new single, ‘I Want You’.  


It was in 2001 when Nate started to perfect his craft, releasing long-form projects and experimenting with the breadth of his influences. Relocating to Los Angeles in 2022 gave him a fresh perspective, where he started to develop this country-infused rock sound akin to the likes of Kings of Leon. 


More recently, Nate released ‘I Want You’: a track built on a bedrock of delicate guitar work and sporadic drums, which nestle beneath his gruff vocal tones. With a nostalgic feel, the video takes us on a sunny trip through the haze of love. On the single, he says poetically: “To the one I haven’t met yet, this heartfelt melody was born from the depths of my solitude, reaching out to you beyond time and space. Close your eyes and let these words embrace your soul, for in this lonely place, our love story begins to unravel.” 


Listen to 'I Want You' below: