Open your ears and your minds with John Moods expansive new alt-pop track "I Wanted You".

Outsider-pop poster boy John Moods is back with a new single, “I Wanted You”, a smooth harmonic track which stirs the themes and meditations of his debut album into new meaning.

Largely self-recorded while hiking the Iberian coast, Moods’ first album heralded him as a singular voice in the pop industry with his unique blending of contemporary soft rock and expansive psychedelic melodies. His meditative lyrics reflect on themes of isolation and spirituality that echo the 60s and 70s while bringing a fresh perspective.

With this exciting new approach to lounge pop John aims to create healing music which acts as a form of radical optimism and helps listeners to see the wider picture of human existence. Lofty goals indeed, but Moods brings these ideas into his music in a way that is grounded, relatable and beautiful to listen to. “I Wanted You” is just a sample of the second album that he is currently working on, and we can’t wait to open our ears and our minds to more new music from this artist.

Listen to the exclusive premiere of “I Wanted You” via Mansions and Millions, below.