Italian-born singer-songwriter, casablanca, drops latest single "I Wish I Was Born Straight."

Born in Italy but now based in London, singer-songwriter casablanca delves into the queer experience through his ’90s-influenced Indie-Rock, exploring topics such as open relationships, shame and promiscuity. With lyrics like ‘please don’t say I’m too Catholic, I’m too Italian/ Please don’t say there’s no way to make a love that’d last’, his provocatively titled track “I Wish I Was Straight” grapples with the restrictions gay men can face today in relationships.


Speaking on “I Wish I Was Straight”, casablanca explains: ‘This song is not a homophobic manifesto or a rant about the fact that being gay isn’t right. I’m out and proud. Instead, it’s about realising that there’s little to no room for monogamy in the gay community. It’s about that desperate and provocative thought that many gay men, like me, have had once in their life: ‘I Wish I Was Born Straight’. As gay men, are we creating a new restrictive format that must apply to everyone? This song is all about questions and opening a dialogue.’


Alongside the track comes evocative black and white visuals, which see casablanca running through the empty streets blindfolded.

Listen to "I Wish I Was Born Straight" below:


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