Icekream chats with Notion about his latest single "Romantico" and its accompanying music video, shot in Miami Beach.

Producer icekream has shared the bass-laden new bop “Romantico”. Having traversed genres such as hip-hop and Raggaeton, he’s now shifting his sound into the dance, trap and EDM sphere, noting Flume, Diplo and Disclosure as influences.


This track is all about vibing on my own to my own music….being free and at peace with one’s self”, icekream said when speaking on the single. A love letter to solitude and being content with your own company, “Romantico” opens with a twisted vocal sample and a club-ready drop. Elsewhere, 90s UKG synth stabs intersperse with skittering hi-hats and thunderous bass. It’s a track that’s begging to be blasted out on the dancefloor.


Born and raised in Paris, France, icekream felt inspired rom the local music scenes while looking further afield for inspirations that shaped his sound, as artists and producers as diverse as Fatboy Slim, Jamiroquai, DJ Premier and The Neptunes compelled him to envision a distinct musical personality and a sound of his own. As well as a renowned producer, icekream has also set up a music label, Kream Kingdom, through which his new single will be released.


Notion caught up with icekream to learn more about new single “Romantico” and the Miami Beach visuals that have been released alongside it. Dive in!

What was the concept behind the “Romantico” video?

I wanted to keep it simple: Me, myself & I – swerving through the tropical streets of Miami, unbothered, happy on my own, blasting my music…all whilst puffing on some good medicinal. Vibing !

What was it like on set?

There was no set – it was all freestyled. We just went with a basic approach. I wanted to do the opposite of the other videos.

Tell us about the creative team behind the video?

It was the videographer, my cousin who initiated the whole thing, and another friend who acted as a secondary driver for the distant camera angles – we had fun and did it in less than 2 hours.

How would you describe this new single?

A combination of mini genres fused into one: A future bass, hip-hop-driven beat with a 90’s garage/house lead. The vocals and Indian samples made it complete. I romanticised the relationship I have with Mary-Jane. She deserved it!

Which locations was the video filmed in?

Miami Beach.

Talk us through the fashion looks!

Comfortable and cosy. The hoodie I wore coincidently personified the song in its entirety.

You have been releasing music consistently all year! Tell us what fans can expect from you in the upcoming months….

More music, more videos, more….

Watch the "Romantico" music video below: