Russian Linesman offers an electronic exploration of the modern world in his newly-released album ‘If Miniature World Is Our Safe Space, Then Pass Me The Shrink Ray’.

The poetically long title of Russian Linesman’s new album, ‘If Miniature World Is Our Safe Space Then Pass Me The Shrink Ray’ immediately offers listeners a glimpse into the psychedelic, almost dystopian tone of the artist’s latest album. 


Written over a three-year period, the album was inspired by a search through old boxes of lyrics during lockdown, blending a sense of what is new and what is familiar to create an album which at once both draws you in and is at times unsettling. 


Russian Linesman describes the album as exploring the “emotional complexities of navigating modern life while yearning for the simplicity of the past” which he achieves through ambient progressive electronica and eerie vocals. Despite writing his songs on acoustic guitar and piano, Russian Linesman’s music takes on a life of its own using the skills he developed as a DJ supporting artists like Nathan Fake, Max Cooper and Lone. 


The album features a range of collaborations with other artists and producers to create music that feels truly otherworldly. Some of these collaborators include Mercury Music Prize nominated Maps and one of Lil Peep’s producers, Lederrick. 


His long song titles are also a part of this storytelling process, with his single ‘But Now We’re Not In The Dark’ having been named by his son. Lyrics like “Where is your true self when your lies become untrue” from his song ‘Once You Stray Into The Labyrinth, You Can Never Come Back’ perfectly capture the bittersweet tone of the album. 

Stream ‘If Miniature World Is Our Safe Space Then Pass Me The Shrink Ray’ below: