Jay Blanes opens up about the struggles and sacrifices he's made for his music on upbeat, indie-pop track "I'm Crazy".

Art is often not without sacrifice, and 23-year-old singer-songwriter, Jay Blanes, reflects on that in his new tune “I’m Crazy”.


Beginning the song by listing the things he’s missing out on because he’s miles away chasing his musical dream [“I read my friends’ texts on the chat / But I’m a thousand miles away / I miss my single bed and my bedsheets”], Blanes then goes to sing that he’s happy with the choice he made, and whilst people might think he’s crazy for it, he’s pleased with his decision [“I love my king-sized bed and my freedom… I love the life I chose / And you’ll love my shows”].


Speaking on the song, Jay Blanes said: “’I’m Crazy’ is a statement, a scream to the world, to let everybody know I don’t care what they think about my choices. I will always keep going forward towards my dreams, despite the pain or hardship it may entail. I believe it will especially resonate with everyone who’s far away from their hometown, fighting hard to fulfil their passions”.

Watch the music video for "I'm Crazy" by Jay Blanes below: