Bringing the popping bassline to the forefront, Miss Honey Dijon moves closer to the spotlight in her latest elasticated remix of Fiorious' “I’m Not Defeated”.

A trailblazing pioneer in the LGBTQ+ community, American DJ, producer, electronic musician, fashion icon and all-around bo$$ chick Honey Dijon diverts her musical ability to a political issue close to her heart in her latest Paradise Garage remix of Fiorious’s “I’m Not Defeated”.

Flaunting and elegantly strutting her stuff across the dancefloor, Miss Honey Dijon has performed at clubs, art fairs, galleries and fashion events worldwide and she doesn’t stop just there. Creating her own self-made success and niche in the music industry as a trans black female DJ in dance music, Honey stands high as a vocal advocate for trans rights and awareness worldwide. As an in-demand speaker and contributor on issues surrounding gender in club culture, Honey is notoriously known for her sharp and sassy curations of cross-genre sets which she showcases in her remix of “I’m Not Defeated” by combining garage, electronic and house beats all in one!

Creating a dance-floor chaos with this bubbling dancefloor gem that is sure to get you voguing around, this powerful remix is more than a care-free dance anthem, but an emotional call to resistance. Originally created by Glitterbox’s Fiorious, “I’m Not Defeated” is a global celebration of activism, visibility and the long world-wide hard-fought struggle of the LGBTQ+ community. A conceptual musical artist with a lot to say, Fiorious doesn’t just stop at creating records. An eye for graphical design when it comes to his music, Fiorious ensures his voice and his artwork simultaneously combine to heighten his political messages to the world. Commenting on the remix Fiorious states “it’s vital to have inspiring queer voices in dance music and she’s definitely leading the way, so having her remix this record, in particular, is a total thrill and honor.” With harsh yet harmonious lyrics revealing a sense of strength and undefeatable power from Fiorious, Honey Dijon sets a personal remix on the political house record, that will refuse to back down.

"I'm Not Defeated" remix by Honey Dijon

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