Delivering emotive melodies and reassuring lyrics, Folabi Nuel provides solace and hope with 'In Control'.

Folabi Nuel is driven by one guiding principle: to make a positive impact on the world around him with his art. From making his own tracks to spending time as a composer and music supervisor in the Nollywood world, the singer-songwriter and creative is making his mark.


New single ‘In Control’ delivers this positive impact within the first few notes. An immediate reassuring presence, Folabi’s calming vocal tonality reflects the soothing message of the song: finding strength in vulnerable times, and trusting in God’s omniscient presence.


With emotive melodies, thought-provoking lyrics and Folabi’s mesmerising performance, the track evokes a feeling of hope, providing a place of solace for his listeners. “I was in a season of doubt and found myself in a low place in my life when I heard these words: ‘when you are feeling, remember I am in control’,” the artist says. “Those words etched in my mind, I rushed to my home studio and, in a mere two hours, produced an entire song around them.” Healing and otherwordly, ‘In Control’ sets Folabi apart as an artist transcending earthly realities and global boundaries.


Listen to 'Control' now: