Kicking off the year with new track "More Than I Can Afford", sibling duo Bad Sounds make us an exclusive mix based on their ideal party playlist.

How did you choose the tracks to put this mix together?

My friends host this great NYE party almost every year and they make everybody prepares a 10-song playlist before they arrive. You’re not allowed to tell anyone what you put in your playlist, they play through the night and everyone has to try and guess who made which playlist. It’s like a musical ‘whodunnit’. So this mix grew from a few key tracks that featured in my 10 song playlist a few years ago. I’ve filled in the blanks a lot more on this mix though (and really leant heavily into a certain time period). I feel like when you listen to lots of different types of music, it’s more fun to break them into eras than genres. 


Was there any external influence or inspirations?

When I was sent to bed as a kid I always listened to the local radio station on my Sony Walkman. Everything that they played must have somehow been stored in my subconscious, because as soon as I hit my twenties, my taste in music really leant towards all of that stuff I’d been listening to whilst I was falling asleep as a kid. Trouble is I didn’t know who a lot of the artists were, and I definitely couldn’t tell you the song titles (I can barely remember our own).


When we started touring as a live band, our bass player Sam started playing a lot of those tracks on the road, the nostalgia was unreal and there was a deep sense of bonding. Then I’d go and buy stacks of cheap CDs from charity shops to build up my Serato library and discover even more of these nostalgia nuggets. 


Where do you imagine people listening to the mix?

Playing beer pong, New Years Eve, 1999.


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