Exploring tech and melodic house flavors alongside offering an exclusive first listen to her unreleased track "Work It", Cosmicat puts together a mix ready for summer.

Hey Cosmicat! How did you choose the tracks to put this mix together?

I always go for music that I love personally and makes me move. In this mix I’m exploring tech house and melodic house flavors. It features two of my releases, “Can You Feel” and “Toxic Romance”, and an exclusive first listen to my unreleased track “Work It”, along with many of my favourite dance tracks.


Was there any external influence or inspirations?

For sure, I miss the festival season and can’t wait till Summer! I just play what I would actually love to listen to on the dancefloor.


Where do you imagine people listening to this mix?

This mix is full of high energy tracks, groovy percussions and lots of catchy baselines. I highly recommend this for a gym session.


Cosmicat’s ‘Ascension’ EP is out now.

Listen to Cosmicat X Notion Exclusive Mix below: