London DJ, presenter, and social producer D-LISH makes us an exclusive mix to preserve that summer festival energy.

Alisha, better known as D-LISH, is a North London DJ, presenter, and social producer championing authenticity and energy across all that she does. With projects spanning platforms including Daytimers, Reprezent and Sable Radio, as well as the BRIT Awards and BBC, her selections “prioritise the wellbeing and enjoyment of femmes from across the world”. Whether curating a set full of nostalgic tunes, or speaking candidly about mental health, D-LISH is an artist pushing community and connection.


Her mix for Notion aims to “preserve the energy that has built up over festival season”. She tells us: “This is my first real ‘summer season’ as a DJ and it’s been absolutely life changing. Playing at Secret Garden Party to around 300+ people losing their minds to my set was soul-fulfilling and left me elated. I thought I would take this opportunity with Notion and record that set so it can live on forever as a piece of history in my career. Immortalised by the internet.”


Explaining her set further, according to Alisha, it “represents my entire musical tapestry. All the way from hearing T2’s Heartbroken on MTV for the first time as a little girl, to discovering Skepta’s ‘Greatest Hits’ album in sixth form, and topping it all off with one of my newest favourite producers, Disaffected, who creates the maddest, mind-blowing fixes. This is really an opportunity to show gratitude, give my thanks to my community around me, and propel myself forward into whatever autumn brings. I am so excited to keep learning, shelling and messing with everyone’s heads with my silly blends”. Tune in below!

Stream D-LISH's exclusive mix below: