Having released Chaal Pt. 2 on More Time Records, Darama takes us on an eclectic tour of the songs that have defined his time on London's underground scene.

What DJs, artists, club nights, or genres are inspiring you right now?

I’ve actually been listening to quite a range recently, I really enjoyed the headache album from last year and have been revisiting some older albums. Dancefloor-wise wise I’ve been getting more and more inspired by strands of dance music at 100bpm-ish, stuff from Kaval, Cando and Amor Satyr.

Can you talk us through some of your inspirations for this mix?

I wanted to sum up my sound from the last year or two, I think a lot of these would probably be on my most played list if Rekordbox did a version of Spotify wrapped. I’ve got a lot of plans for the music I want to put out in the future so wanted to make a little time capsule of the most recent stage of my career.

Where do you imagine people listening to it?

Before a night out, the gym, dancing on your own at home. Whenever you need a bit of energy.

What’s one song you’ll always come back to in your mixes?

XLNC & Cheshire Cat – ‘I’m Sure’ (Moviebox Birmingham, Ltd).

What should we look out for from you next?

Lots of music. I spent the last year really setting things up and refining the music I make, and I want to put as much out as possible this year. Also mine and yourboykiran’s new label, Bubblin!