EDM titans, Disciples, make an exclusive mix for Notion and open up about being super inspired throughout lockdown and making music people will love years later.

While you most likely know them from their mega-hit success “How Deep is Your Love” with Calvin Harris, Disciples, the trio consisting of Nathan Vincent Duvall, Gavin Koolmon, and Luke McDermott have only continued to cement themselves as major players in the industry. 


Since their initial EP in 2013, the group has amassed hundreds of millions of streams, garnered multiple award nominations, and notched up credits as songwriters for artists such as OMI and Little Mix. 


Despite the past year and its difficulties for the music industry, Disciples have had five new releases, proving that dance music isn’t limited to the club scene. 


Read on for our chat with Disciples to talk about their newest tracks ’Solid Gold’ with BSHP and ’The Pressure’ with Eli and Fur, creativity in the time of COVID, and their dream collaborations. Plus, be sure to take a listen to their exclusive mix for Notion.

First of all – how are you all doing?

Pubs and restaurants are open so how can anyone be in a bad mood right now?! I bought some clothes, went to a restaurant and for the first time in history never complained about the bill because I was just happy to be out! So yeah,  thanks for asking 

Tell us a little about the collaboration behind your track ‘Solid Gold’, and how the lyrics and tune came about?

Duvall, BSHP and Joe Killington were working in the studio together and came up with the idea. BSHP put up a video in the studio of them working on it and I (Luke) immediately said to take it down as that’s a record we needed for Disciples. They sent the beat over and we all finished it off together! Simples. 

What was it like filming the music video? How did the concept come about?

It was originally going to be Gavin skateboarding through Croydon with a beer in hand but we thought about it and got in a professional. 

It’s obviously been a difficult year for the house music industry. Would you say you’re hopeful for its future? And where are you looking forward to playing first once it’s safe.

To be honest I’m waiting for Big Bad Boris J to lock us down again because we’re having too much fun lol but by looking at how well the vaccines are going, the difficult year we have all had in the house world and music in general seems to be coming to an end. 

How has your creative process changed throughout the course of the pandemic. How do you stay inspired?

From the beginning of lockdown last March we have had 5 releases the most we have ever had, I don’t know if that’s because when we go on tour we are shattered from living the “DJ life” to max (as usual) or just cos we have been lazy with consistent releases but the inspiration has been super high.

You’ve amassed so much success over the years – why do you think people love and listen to your music as much as they do?

Thank you! It’s funny because we ask ourselves the same question. We don’t have the same amount of followers as a lot of big house acts and we’re always so surprised when we meet people and they talk about our oldest records and we think “rah you have really been supporting from the jump”. I think it comes down to releasing music that isn’t here today and gone tomorrow. We try to make music you can listen to ten years down the line but again, a huge thank you to everyone supporting us.

You’ve worked with some amazing people during your career so far. Is there anyone else on the dream collab bucket list?

It’s been amazing working with Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Dennis Ferrer, Lee Foss etc but close your eyes and picture this. You’re by the pool, cocktail in hand, the sun is beating down on your tanned skin and the DJ by the pool is playing Disciples and Billie Eilish on their new deep house collab! Sound good?  

You’ve also got a song out with Eli and Fur called ‘The Pressure’. The lyrics seem to tell the story of a very intoxicating relationship. What was the inspiration behind the song?

To be honest we have to give the props to Eli and Fur on this. They came up with the concept, we were just the missing piece of the puzzle they needed. They’re like sisters to us so we were just happy we were asked!  

What song or artist have you been obsessed with lately?

I need to get my phone out and have a look at my playlist… Fred Again, Jaden Thompson, Burns, Ben Hemsley, Central Cee, Fredo 

Talk us through the exclusive mix you’ve made for Notion. How did you select the tracks for the mix?

It does what it says on the tin to be honest. When you come to a club show or festival, this is what you will hear from us. We really hope you enjoy it because we loved mixing it! Peace and Love always!

Hear Disciples' exclusive mix for Notion below: