DJ Absolutely Shit provide us an hour and a half long mix of dancefloor bombs, prime breakbeat cuts and warehouse heaters. Listen now!

Regular party starters at Manchester’s world-famous The White Hotel, DJ Absolutely Shit is the alias of musical enigmas II Bosco and Metrodome. Disinterested in promoting themselves, and letting the music do the talking, the duo have built a cult following on Britain’s clubbing scene and in record shops up and down the country. Here, they provide us with a quick-witted mix inspired by the audience that’s made them.

How did you choose the tracks to put in this mix together?

M: The bulk of the mix was a live recording from The White Hotel instead of a programmed mix. For the Absolutely Shit project, we both rather showcase ourselves in a raw form, embracing the imperfections.
IB: The others are some of our favourite old-school 80s rap that influenced the 90s breakbeat rave scene.

Was there any external influence or inspirations?

M: My style as Metrodome is eclectic. I cover house, jungle, acid, weirdo tracks, 80s boogie, street soul, hip-hop, rock, soul, and everything in between. It’s a variety act. The main influence in this mix is the audience. It’s about keeping everyone, including me and Bosco, on their toes and having fun. It’s not about relying on obvious hits or rare tracks for rarity’s sake. The Absolutely Shit project draws influence from our shared taste in music, blending it into a rave aesthetic. We avoid sticking to 1992 hardcore classics and opt for excitement over a linear, nostalgia-driven rave throwback DJ set. There’s enough of that about.


IB: For me, a lot of what I play is influenced by 80s Italo disco, 90s breakbeat, rave, old school, italo house and 80s/90s hip hop.

Where do you imagine people listening to the mix?

M: Car rides, train journeys, gym sessions, and dirty after-parties in your mate’s kitchen at 6 am.


IB: Headphones on the bus. After parties, Christmas dinner and in a car.

Listen to the mix below: