London-based DJ DUO spins us an exclusive mix, blending tracks she's recently fallen in love with and forever favourites.

How did you choose the tracks to put this mix together?

In all honesty I tend to play quite freely and for this mix, I wanted to include some new tracks I’ve recently fallen in love with and older tracks that I’ll forever be obsessed with. The tracks are all part of a progressive love affair, between the trembling afro bass and the lighter synth vibrations. More importantly, I feel that this mix really encapsulates my love for African electronic music, the various dimensions within the genre and also the power the sound carries.


Was there any external influence or inspirations?

Where does one even begin? Desiree, Shimza, Kitty Amor, Da Capo, Caiiro, Sun-El Musician, THEMBA, Nicky Summers, CharisseC – I’m constantly inspired by incredible DJs, producers, artists. Given that everyone has their own unique styles, it’s very apparent the love all have for this beautiful sound that we’re able to experiment with and broadcast to the world unapologetically.


Where do you imagine people listening to the mix?

All over the gaff, morning, noon and night – with everyone you love. This is a special callout to those who need an introduction to Afro House or Afro Tech, just watch them as they fall in love with it.

Stream DUO's exclusive mix for Notion below: