London-based DJ and producer Jess Young makes Notion an exclusive mix, taking listeners on a colourful journey through house, R&B, electronic hip hop, and old school nostalgia.

Jess Young is an artist with many strings to her bow. Citing nail artist, model, music producer and DJ amongst her creative endeavours, she describes her music as “a fusion of timeless, chilled out soul, funk, house and R&B”. Outside of music, she is growing her platform Boys In Polish, a community that encourages men to confront toxic masculinity through nail art, ultimately promoting inclusivity.


Telling us about her mix, she describes: “It’s important to me to keep my mixes energetic and take my listeners on a sonic journey, and I felt such excitement curating and mixing this set for Notion. I am a lover of house, R&B, electronic hip hop, and old school nostalgia, and I wanted to fuse all of these together into one colourful mix!”


Further explaining her blending choices: “I like to play all kinds of music and genres that I listen to, rather than tracks that fit in the same genre. It keeps transitions exciting and unpredictable for me. Whether it’s tunes that have raised my songwriting/lyricism, that I listen to while doing my chores, or that I’ve track ID’d while listening to other mixes/ being out at events, I just let my music library speak for itself when I record to be honest.”


Exploring her journey, Jess tells us: “I used to have this thing where I would be scared to play certain songs because they are too much, or a bit weird, but the more I play, the more confident I become in my selection, and the musical energy just flows so much better when I let go.” An artist to watch, Jess’ now-found confidence speaks for itself. Whatever she produces next, we look forward to hearing it.

Stream Jess' exclusive mix for Notion below:


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