Ahead of a highly-anticipated new album, DJ-producer trailblazer Laurence Guy provides us with a mix strictly for the dance floor.

How did you choose the tracks to put this mix together?

I decided to go pretty flat out with this mix. I’ve been spending a lot of time both playing and vibing in clubs recently so I decided to put something together that’s strictly for the dancefloor.

Was there any external influence or inspirations?

I tend to be influenced mainly by my mood and just life in general.  You can hear this all over my releases, especially in my upcoming second album, ‘Living Like There’s No Tomorrow, But Killing Yourself in The Process’. This mix was a cathartic one; I needed to relieve some stress when recording it.

Where do you imagine people listening to the mix?

This is one to hype yourself up before you go out, or at a summer BBQ!