DJ and producer Majestic creates an exclusive mix for Notion, featuring his new track "Rasputin", and tells us about his musical journey, what inspired his latest song and where he hopes to play after the pandemic.

Crossing into a multitude of dance music genres, from UK Garage and House to D&B and Dubstep, Majestic is a renowned DJ, producer, MC and resident at iconic radio station KISS FM.


Since making his debut in 1999, Majestic has carved a strong reputation as one of the most talented producers in the dance music scene. His 2017 single “Naughty Sesh” was awarded a placement in the UK Top 10, whilst his more recent single “Me & U”, a reimagining of the Cassie original, has amassed over 5 million streams.


A top quality remixer, Majestic has remixed tracks for a range of artists such as Charli XCX, Craig David, Diplo, Preditah and Kaskade. Taking inspiration for the growing list of songs that have found revived fame through TikTok, Majestic returns with ‘Rasputin’, a modern-day spin on the Boney M 1978 original.


Speaking about the new track, Majestic explains, “After constantly coming across the Boney M classic ‘Rasputin’ on TikTok I thought to myself that due to its incredible disco roots and instrumentation it could lend itself to become an amazing piece of modern dance music! For me, I felt there was something in the original that would lend itself perfectly to a modern-day twist and that coupled with the viral nature of the original it felt like a perfect melting pot! Now I am sat with a record with Boney M… who let’s face it are truly iconic”.


Now, Majestic creates an exclusive mix for Notion featuring all the groovy tunes that will get your weekend off to the perfect start. Jump in!

How has the last year changed you as a DJ, producer and MC? Have you learnt anything new about yourself and what do you hope to take forward?

I don’t think it has changed me as an artist at all, but it has allowed me more time to be creative in the studio without the rush of touring! My schedule for live before was insane, in actual fact my manager just the other day was looking back at some of the diary from 2019 and was like “You are not human!” haha.

When did DJing start for you? Can you remember the first night you played as Majestic?

I got my decks when I was 12 years of age. My dad and I went to Fulham to pick up a pair of Soundlab dlp1s and a citronic mixer from the Loot (which was basically ebay but in newspaper form then) and the first time I ever played in front of anyone was at our local youth club on a Friday night! Was a big moment for me!

When did you start working on ‘Rasputin’ and how did this track come about?

I started working on Rasputin literally about 5 weeks ago now! I kept seeing the original pop up and TikTok and when I heard it I felt like there was something that could be turned into a solid dancefloor track. I love disco sampled house music and that was my inspiration.

What are your views on a platform like TikTok and seeing the impact it’s had on music charts and the industry as a whole?

TikTok just like the internet is a gift and a curse! In terms of the music industry it is making people become lazy because they want to see if things have had traction on social media sites now before they take a “punt” on things. I wish music was based on how good it is rather than how viral it can become.

Disco music has been around for 60 years or so now. Is there a music genre from more recent times that you think will still be thriving in 50 plus years or do you think today’s music won’t have the same comparable, nostalgic feel of classic 60s, 70s and 80s sounds?

There is a lot of dance music that I think will be around for another 50 years like House, Drum and Bass even UKG these are music genres that reflected cultural moments of history so they have deep beded roots within the fabric of our arts. A lot of music nowadays is very throwaway but I think that is also because of how easy it is to access music now. The reason why a record like “A little bit of luck” by Luck & Neat still holds weight to those that heard it back in 1999 because it is so attached to memories etc

When this is all over, where is the first venue you’d like to play and why?

ANYWHERE! Haha No in all seriousness, I can not wait to be back In front of a NON SOCIALLY DISTANCED crowd so I am easy where it is!

Where is somewhere you’ve always wanted to play at but haven’t had the opportunity yet? Venue or event or festival?

I have literally played pretty much every venue I have ever wanted to, especially when I was a part of Sigma’s live outfit, however I have never played Glasto! So I would love to do that

What single night out has been the most memorable for you? Firstly, as a DJ and also as an attendee?

WOW! That is a tough question, as a DJ/MC I think when I did the Boiler Room with EZ back in 2015 was pretty special, also warming up for the prodigy on the main stage of the IOW festival was spectacular! As an attendee I think reading festival 2003.

What is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you play it?

As I sit here writing these answers out I am sat listening to Dire Straits! I literally will never get sick of listening to Sultans of Swing! I know people may be surprised at that answer as we are talking about dance music, however my musical taste is so so eclectic.

Can you talk to us about your mix for Notion? Why have you chosen the tracks you’ve included and when is a good time to listen to the mix?

This mix is all about the groove! I love tracks that make me wanna move my shoulders even when I’m sat down haha! So I have made sure it’s a groovy one, you can listen to this mix during a workout, during a walk, even having a kitchen rave…it works in all instances!