Celebrating the release of her new video for 'Not Even That', we chat to experimental avant-pop producer and artist MILYMA as she makes us a vibey weekend mix.

What DJs, artists, club nights, or genres are inspiring you right now? 

Moving to Berlin was nice to have a little look into the club scene here – there is for example the collective called ‘soul feeder’ who host amazing club nights. 


Can you talk us through some of your inspirations for this mix? 

My mood was to do a fun and upbeat mix – inspirations from this mix are music-friends or artists I have been following for years and who are blessing us constantly with beautiful music. 


Where do you imagine people listening to it? 

Everywhere but mainly while cleaning, sitting in the underground or walking in the sun with plenty of time. 


What’s one song you’ll always come back to in your mixes?

There is not one specific song, I try to mix artists or songs I recently discovered with songs I already knew but never put in a mix. 


What should we look out for from you next? 

I’m working on a sweet album with some collaborations. It is a bit more reduced than my last album, incorporating a mix of pop and ambient elements. But for now, you can also listen to my new album ‘Only Lovers Left A Lie’ which is out now here and watch the video for ‘Not Even That’ here.


1. MILYMA – 9 Times
2. pr1nc1p3ss4 – real 2 me
3. Bby Eco – Care For You
4. MILYMA – Summerwhisper
5. Akira & P Vlex – FALL
6. Lavurn – Mezzanine
7. MILYMA – It and You
8. EVÎN – best friend
9. Yawning Portal – Make You Happy Housefire
10. Ouri – blueprints of us
11. Grace Ives – Mirror
12. Mk.gee – Candy


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