DJ/Producer duo, Nightlapse, create an exclusive mix for Notion and chat about their favourite gig memories, what's on the horizon and more.

Formed of Peter Williamson and Andy Manning, the Liverpool-based group first met in 2013. At the time, Andy was working on productions for labels like Axtone and Kontor while Peter was making the rounds DJ’ing in clubs in their hometown and dance mecca, Ibiza. Things started moving in 2018, however, after a meeting with MK ended in remixes of his singles “Back & Forth” and “One Night.” MK invited Nightlapse to play on some of his AREA10 stages and a year later, they signed to his iconic AREA10 label.


Nightlapse’s first release was a remix with MK for Anabel Englund’s “So Hot,” currently sitting at a whopping 13 millions streams on Spotify alone. The duo followed up with two more original singles, “CHANGED MINDS” (featuring the vocal stylings of Roland Clarke) and “FREAK OUT” featuring Liska.

Since joining up with MK and AREA10, Nightlapse has played at some of the top parties and festivals—including The Warehouse Project, Creamfields, We Are FSTVL, AREA10’s Pool Party in Ibiza, Scotland’s EH1, SCHQ in Belfast, Guernsey Festival Parklife, and more.
Now, Nightlapse share an exclusive mix for Notion and speak about XXX.

You’ve travelled around the world and performed at some iconic venues. What’s your favourite live show memory?

That’s a tough one to choose, we have so many. From playing our first rammed tent in Parklife where it was literally going off to a sunny sold-out Ibiza Rocks. Each venue gives you something unique to remember each gig by. If we had to choose, I’d say it would be playing Belsonic in Belfast a few weeks ago to a sold-out 20K crowd, not just because it’s so fresh in the memory, but I can’t quite describe the feeling of looking out to an absolute sea of people going mental to your tunes. It was heavy!

Is there anywhere still on your bucket list to perform?

Yeah there’s loads, probably too many to list them all but if we had to,  Croatia, Germany,  Los Angeles, Melbourne, Belgium, Canada, Las Vegas.. I’ve missed loads off but all the good gear gaffs, you know how it is.

Since you’re both from Liverpool, give us an insider tip – what’s the best club or event in the city right now?

Peter’s there more than me ha! but If I had to guess I’d say it’s definitely our KRANK event of course… the last one we did, we invited a few of the lads down (KC Lights and Illyus & Barrientos) to play. It was such a sick night just full of good energy, tunes and bevvies, that’s all you can ask for really isn’t it?

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

I don’t know if this is the right way to answer this because it isn’t necessarily a superpower but I’d like to be Batman because he’s a G! Haha.


What vibe were you hoping to create with your mix?

It’s very similar to how we play our sets, we start it off nice and energetic and housey, then get more into our melody music. A few unreleased gems of ours in there too!

What’s next for Nightlapse?

We’ve got a few decent tunes there now with some class artists that we’ve been working with pre and post lock downs. We can’t wait to share them, we are literally just waiting for them to be scheduled so watch this space to see who we are collabing with. We are probably looking to put a few of our KRANK nights back on in different parts of the county, hopefully, potentially a little tour of Ireland early next year because we love the Irish crowd.