Copenhagen-based DJ and local legend Prom Night tells us about his musical influences, and makes us an exclusive mix full of dance floor bangers.

Between DJing, producing, running his own parties and a record label, Prom Night (aka Shaquille Beck Mc Gosh) is certainly a man of many talents. Based in Copenhagen and revered as a local legend, the artist is set to release his new EP ‘Freakfunk’ on April 1st.


At home, Shaq grew up with an eclectic record collection brimming with soul, funk, RnB and jazz. The impact of these early experiences can be heard throughout his work, and his DJ sets are known for spanning from disco to Italo house, Afro-house and beyond in Scandinavia’s biggest clubs.


We caught up with the busy man to find out more about his record label, musical experiences and upcoming EP, whilst he made us an exclusive mix. Dive in!

What’s the story behind your moniker ‘Prom Night’?

I have always loved the dark, but at the same time, super cheesy 80s movie themes. Growing up and watching old movies where people would get ready for prom night – you know, where they would wear the funky colourful tuxedos with the ruffles – I found it so cool! I’m very inspired by the 80s in my DJ sets as well as my productions.

You were raised in a very creative family, where the arts and music were highly valued, but what attracted you to DJing as an art form in particular?

At a young age I became very interested in DJing. I bought my first mixer and record player at the age of nine from a DJ that was working at my after school youth club. In this period he also heavily introduced me to house music, stories about the club scene, breakdance movies and so on. Some years later I bought my first full DJ-setup (2 CDJ-400’s and 1 DJM-400) and played my first gig. I DJ’ed for years before I started producing music. Up until this point I would occasionally play with different software for producing.

Who have you worked with recently as a producer? Is there anyone you would love to work with in the future?

I have recently worked with and released music with Kasper Bjørke, Brynjolfur and Storken. Super talented and great people.


It would be a dream come true to work with pioneers like Gerd Janson, Roman Flügel, and many more – too tough a question for me to pin down a few artists among so many great ones!

You have your own label, Prom Night Records. What led to you to set this up?

I actually just really wanted to have total creative control over my music. I wanted to be able to decide when my music comes out and how it comes out. Fortunately we live in a time where it’s possible to release music independently.


I have been throwing parties, releasing music and producing merch over the years. I really wanted to gather everything I love under one umbrella. ‘Prom Night’ is synonymous with everything uplifting; I just wanna make people feel great.

What are your future plans and goals for the label?

This year I am planning the release of four EPs on my label – both some solo ‘Prom Night’ stuff, but also showcasing talented artists from Scandinavia and abroad. The goal is to steadily build a strong brand that is synonymous with good club music!

Talk us through your exclusive Notion mix. What vibe were you hoping to create here?

Creating a high-energy space where disco, Italo, acid and house meet. Starting off with 80s inspired dance floor themes, moving onto acid-basslines and high-energy house. Some unreleased work from my record label ‘Prom Night Records’, some newly recognised bits, and of course a couple of throwbacks to early house music.

What would be the ideal listening experience for this mix?

Definitely more for the dance floor than the afters!