Swedish producer Tannergard creates an exclusive mix for Notion and chats about his personal new single "DNCE".

It seems like dance music producers are Sweden’s biggest export right now, but Tannergard is here to prove he’s a cut above the rest.


Hailing from Malmö, songwriter and producer Tannergard has only released one track to his name – the popular “No One Nobody” with LVNDSCAPE – but he’s already earned credits on BTS’s #1 album (the only pop album of 2020 to go RIAA platinum) and scored DJ slots at coveted dance festivals like We Are FSTVL. Now, he’s set to release the new single “DNCE” and continue his rise to the top.


Speaking on his new single, Tannergard said: “I’ve put my heart and experiences into this record so ‘DNCE’ is a very personal song for me. Most of us have gone through some type of heartbreak, and trying to get over that can be tough. Sometimes, you have to make a decision to keep growing instead,” explains Tannergard.

“The idea came to me one evening and I stayed up all night working on the initial idea. I showed it to Carys in the studio and she got what I was going for straight away. We worked really hard on it and finished the song that same night, final vocals and everything!  I’ve always loved big choruses that are uplifting and emotional and I always strive to make music that makes you feel something. I wanted to give people that soundtrack to get over their heartbreak.”


Notion spoke with the up-and-comer about stepping into the spotlight after producing behind the scenes and his career journey. Plus, he makes an exclusive mix for Notion. Hear it below.

You’ve written and produced for the likes of Martin Jensen, LVNDSCAPE and more. How does the process of writing and producing for other artists differ from when you make your own music?

I love bringing other people’s vision to life and collaborating so its never an either/or situation.  Using their creative input and putting myself in their shoes is a great exercise in empathy and helps me realise the vision for my own records.

I become freer when making music for myself.  It lets me remove any creative boundaries around the records and find out which sounds are most inspiring for me. Working on my own records lets me explore my sound to see how far I can push it.

How did it feel to have worked on BTS’ platinum-selling album? How did this collaboration come about?

It still amazes me that a record we made in my living room ends up being streamed over hundreds of millions of times.  Its wild to have an idea that everyone in the room gets excited about and then it reaches into the world and touches millions of peoples’ hearts and validates your instinct.

Collaborating with artists all over the world has accelerated with Zoom sessions and bouncing session files around.  I’ve worked with artists from Asia, Latin America and North America and can’t wait to get back into the studio with all my friends.

Is there anyone else you would still love to work with (either on your own music or theirs)?

It was a childhood dream to work with Michael Jackson and I would love to work with artists inspired by his legacy.  Florence and the Machine has an amazing voice and she’s become a legend in the Dance music world without trying to actually be in that genre. 

Outside of music, Takashi Murakami would be an amazing collaboration as well.  I feel like we share the same energy, and he isn’t scared to be himself.

How did you get into DJing and producing?

My friends and I got into DJing at 15, back in Sweden. We got a Traktor S4 and would gather on Friday/Saturday night to learn and practice spinning records. That was literally our hangout! We’d show each other records and that eventually transitioned to playing 16+ discos, made our way into clubs and festivals and now I can’t imagine a world without live DJ sets.

For production I started when I was around 12 when a friend of mine showed me an early version of FL Studio. We’d hang and teach each other new tricks, and it made me want to start producing. I discovered producers like Timbaland, RedOne, Max Martin and was inspired to pursue it as a career very early. I stayed up all night making beats as a teenager and started releasing remixes on Youtube and Soundcloud. I was literally one of those kids commenting other people’s channel to get people to check my songs, and back then it actually worked too. It kept me producing and I kept me learning and improving. 

This year has seen a return to festivals and live shows. Was it everything you hoped for?

It’s amazing to feel the energy from the crowd.  The vibe is different because nobody is taking it for granted and everyone is making the most of their time together.  Hearing the bass rippling out from under the arches around London venues is a sign that the community is back together again and can’t be stopped

Tell us about your new single “DNCE”, was it inspired by the world’s return to the dancefloor?

DNCE can be interpreted in so many ways.  Some people hear it as a chance to dance to forget lockdown and some to forget a breakup, but the common denominator is that DNCE can inspire you to have fun, connect with others and forget about the troubles of the world. That is what inspired me early on in the dance scene and I wanted to offer a passport for others to take that same journey, regardless of where they’re at in life.

What have you learned from the past year and a half?

I had time to reflect on life and what I actually want to do. Lockdown, in a way, saved me from burning out at the time, and all of a sudden, we all had to stay home. It removed the stress of traveling around nonstop and enabled me to focus on making more music. Spending time with myself and my own thoughts gave me clarity to figure out my journey and finally put together my own artist project.

If you could have any superpower – besides creating amazing music – what would it be?

I would love to be able to fly, which is ironic because I’ve got a fear of heights, ever since I was a kid. Still, I love the thought of being able to fly high up in the sky, you could go anytime and anywhere you want. The closest I got to flying was jumping off a 10-meter-high pier back in Malmö to announce the release of DNCE. I was flying for a couple of seconds! 

I want #GlobalDanceoff to inspire people to conquer their own fears and create necessary change in their lives through movement. 

Talk us through your exclusive Notion mix – what vibe were you hoping to create and why did you choose these tracks in particular?

I want to create a mood with this mix. I’ve put something together that makes me excited to go out clubbing, but that also has a summery, festive atmosphere to it. I’ve added some of my favourite records that I’m listening to at the moment, combined with a few unreleased tracks from myself and from some of my friends. 

What’s next for Tannergard?

I’ve got a bunch of new music that I’m excited about releasing and will be teasing on my social channels. This whole year has been about exploring and creating for me, so I’m looking forward to sharing even more songs and remixes with the world. 

We’re also planning upcoming live shows, and I honestly can’t wait to tell everyone about it so stay tuned!