London DJ Taylah Elaine makes us an exclusive mix of timeless hits in preparation for her Boiler Room Festival set.

London-based, born and bred DJ Taylah Elaine hit the London club scene back in 2017. Since then her love for the hip-hop scene has landed her sets in LA, Paris, Amsterdam and Helsinki to name a few. Gracing the lineup of the Boiler Room Festival Amsterdam in November, Taylah will play at the debut Amsterdam edition of their flagship festival series.


Making us an exclusive mix, in Taylah’s words: “This is 100% one for the Uber. Will be listening to this one myself when I’m on my way to my gigs. You’ll find a bunch of hip-hop, dancehall and soul samples, but make it club, if you know what I mean. Some of these samples/songs are super old but they’ll be in my playlist forever because they’re timeless.”

Listen to Taylah's exclusive mix below: