DJ/producer, Topic, is back with another hit - this time featuring Bebe Rexha. We had a chat with Topic while he created an exclusive mix for Notion.

Multi-platinum selling German/Croatian DJ and producer Topic knows how to make a dance hit. Adding another “melancholic dance music” gem to his roster, “Chain My Heart” is just crying out to be played in the clubs – as soon as they re-open their doors (not long now!).


Speaking on why he selected Notion 89 cover star, Bebe Rexha, to feature on the track, Topic said: “When creating ‘Chain My Heart’, we noticed relatively early on that the song needed a strong woman, who could convey a certain edginess with her voice. With some melodies, you directly imagine the person you want on the track in the process. Bebe Rexha was the one who struck our minds instantly. Vocally, she has exactly the attitude that the song needs. You can hear that especially in the pre-chorus.


Bebe explained the track’s meaning: “’Chain My Heart’ is about finding somebody that truly captivates your heart, and not wanting to let them go”.


Topic first saw success in 2014 with his track “Light It Up”, but became a global sensation last year with his track “Breaking Me”, which has been streamed hundreds of millions of times since.


Notion caught up with Topic to learn more about his musical practices, journey, and plans for the future. Plus, hear his exclusive, hour-long mix for Notion.

You hit up Bebe Rexha for the single “Chain My Heart”, saying that you wanted a strong female vocal on the track. What was it like working together?

Yes, she is the perfect match for this track! A7S, who has been my writing partner for a couple of years now, Petter Tarland, and I started making the track last summer in Stockholm. We then sent it over to her via contacts through the label and we instantly started working on it remotely. She was super involved and even brought up great ideas regarding the music video, where we actually met in person for the very first time.

You’ve coined the term ‘melancholic dance music’ that juxtaposes emotional, often heartbreaking lyrics with euphoric dance melodies. What drew you to making this type of music in the first place? 

Since I was little I always liked sad and melancholic songs the best. For instance, I really liked listening to Lana Del Rey! Funnily enough, very sad songs make me feel happy. But as I can’t really play ballads on the dancefloor and also was drawn to dance music I mixed the two together and “melancholic dance music” was born.
Do you think you will experiment with genre and sound in the future? Or have you found a solid home in melancholic dance music?

Lyric-wise, it will never become extremely happy, but I can very well imagine going in a more club-like direction with the sound and therefore also releasing club tracks. These then will also tend to go into a darker direction I guess.

You started off producing music for other artists. What did you take from this learning experience that you applied to your own work?

Producing for other artists was a very good exercise because I finished an incredible number of tracks and was always involved in the whole process. When you make music for yourself, you start a lot and then often discard it again. Or are held up in that idea-finding phase for a very long time.

How was the past year for you? As a dance music artist, what was it like having your lifestyle changed dramatically?

One of the downsides of creating music during the lockdown was not being able to go clubbing to gather inspiration, also there were a lot of live gigs planned. But that would have also meant being on the road for quite a long time. I´ve had much more time in the studio to create music than usual. I´ve got to be creative and working on developing a signature sound for upcoming live shows. So there has also been an upside to the whole situation too.
Talk us through your mix – why did you choose these tracks and what vibe were you hoping to create?

I always play what I like and feel the most and not what I hope to get the most reaction from. But I think that is what also makes it special. It is a mixture of my own hit singles and melodic techno tracks with quite a few of my own remixes and mashups in it. You will even find a few IDs.

What are you most looking forward to right now?

I’m most looking forward to more and more festivals and events starting again. Everyone getting a bit of fun and normality back. I recently played my first big gig after being on a break for over a year due to the pandemic. It was crazy! It was the first time that I could, for example, play “Breaking Me” in front of a large audience. When everyone was singing along, that was the best feeling ever!
It will be my UK debut playing at Creamfields this year, so I´m really hoping everything goes well and I get to experience it. I´ve heard it is sick!!!