In a league of her own, Fauness brings the themes of self-acceptance and harmony to life in her new track "Inanimate Girl".

The London-based visual artist-musician, Fauness, shares her new single, ‘Inanimate Girl’ coupled with a fairytale-style music video, which subverts traditional norms associated with the genre. In this story, there is no prince present to save the Cinderella archetype from this soulless cycle of banal tasks and expectations. Instead, the modern-day princess, who is constantly in conflict with her colourfully animated and embodied soul, must learn to make peace with it, so that she can be set free from this imprisonment, that is striving for perfection. 


The ballad is only the second to be released from Fauness’ EP, ‘Lashes in a Landfill’, and we’re already captivated by her thought-provoking outlook on the modern-day girl. Known for “dedicating her compositions to anyone who has ever felt like an outsider”, Fauness’ sings with a lyricism that is honest and relatable, regardless of who you are. 


We can’t wait to see what she comes up with next! But for now, check out ‘Inanimate Girl’ below!