Playing with gender identity and what is means to be British in 2024, our NOTION 89 cover star Bimini tells us in their own words how they've reclaimed the Union Jack.

I always think about the true essence of the Union Jack. Traditionally, it’s all about unity, history, and British identity. To me, it whispered of hope. But since the Brexit bombshell, hate crimes in the UK have skyrocketed. Suddenly, that flag isn’t just about tea and crumpets; it’s waving like a banner for aggressive patriotism.


Yet, my upbringing was all about Britpop, Spice Girls, and cool Britannia vibes. For me, the Union Jack screams inclusivity, acceptance, and freedom. I wanted to mix creativity, politics, and a sprinkle of sexiness so I thought why not pay homage to that iconic Chanel bikini by rocking a Union Jack version, topping it off with a faux bearskin hat, and strutting my stuff outside Buckingham Palace? With an election on the horizon and our country feeling more fractured than ever, I wanted to be playful and inject some cheekiness into my life. 


Cheers to the dream team that help turn my wacky ideas into art. Collaborating on this Bimini Bon Brexit British Babe moment with a crew who aren’t just my team, but my besties, amplifies the entire creative process. Their talent ignites my own inspiration, and I’m constantly in awe of their dedication to the craft. Working together to bring this concept to life was magic. Their creativity adds layers to my own vision, bringing their own take and insight while making every shoot a good f*cking time. Nothing seems impossible.


Plus, let’s be real—it’s camp as tits. But underneath the humour, there’s a serious message: let’s reclaim that flag and make it a symbol of unity, not division.


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