Glaswegian rising star KLEO returns two years after her debut EP ‘Machina’ with self-produced cut “INM”.

KLEO is an experimental artist with skilled storytelling. Detailing themes of consumerism, capitalism and the commodification of human life throughout her music, the artist describes herself as a “half android, half human” product. Back with a thrilling new release “INM” comes two years after her four-track project ‘Machina’.


With a no-boundary approach to her music, KLEO’s clever vocals and abstract visuals deem her an impressionable artist to watch. Having recently been nominated for The Sound of Young Scotland award, it’s fair to say the artist’s work is of credible interest. Drawing influence from the media’s consumption of the internet, KLEO is a unique artist with a remarkable eye for detail. Identifying an idiosyncratic vision of post-internet pop, the artist weaves hyper-pop house music with menacing trap undertones. 


Speaking about her new release KLEO says: “When I first produced the beat for “INM”, before it became a song, I had this longing to explore this feeling or idea of not knowing who you are in the context of society; and not sure if you’re being yourself or just trying to fit in. The song is about clocking in, clocking out, the daily commute, living for the weekend, meaningless connections, the inescapable digital self, tracking cookies, being just a number, CCTV, ctrl + alt + delete, additives, stimulants, vitamins, meds, screen time, night time, no time, and trying to figure out who you are in relation to all that”.

Stream “INM” below: