LA-based model and songwriter Ariel Beesley is taking the reigns with 80s inspired synth pop music for the modern age.

Ariel Beesley is the bewitching synth-pop artist bringing a new retro sound to the music industry.  This LA-based model and singer has been dubbed the “Blondie of our era” with their fervent 80s inspired music.

A fresh voice in the scene, Beesley’s career was jumpstarted in 2016 when her manager, Andrew Brightman, sent her to a songwriting camp held by Avicii for emerging musicians in Stockholm. The experience transformed her as an artist and revealing a glowing soundscape of cinematic synths that would mark the success of her debut EP released last year. Her magnetic songs are reminiscent of Blondie and The Cure with a refreshingly contemporary twist that makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a John Hughes film packaged for 2019.

Personal experiences of love and heartbreak are always focal points in Beesley’s music and this rings true with her striking new single, “Palm Springs”. A marker in her journey for self-discovery, Beesley describes the track as a love song to herself and a liberating soundtrack for summer breakups. Her new music fizzes with untampered passion and young spirit; an attitude she carries in everything she does, from her diverse modelling career to her buzzing, visceral performances. Beesley is soaking up everything life has to offer and listening to her music we are invited to do the same, dance shoes mandatory.

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Talk to us about your journey so far; how did you start out and where are you going?

Music has always been the only journey I’ve known. I started writing my own music when I was 14, and never turned back. My love of music originally came from my love of writing, Poetry was my first love. Once I put the words together with melody, there really was no other option then to do this for the rest of my life. Me and my manager put out my self titled EP last year independently, and we just released my first single, “Palm Springs”,  from my upcoming debut record. I could not be more excited for this next chapter. My record feels like the culmination of my life’s work up to this point, it’s my whole heart.

It’s clear you are creating a world of your own; who or what inspires your world?

Wow, that’s so lovely of you to say thank you! I’m very inspired by love, which as we know, sometimes includes heartbreak, how people interact with one another, whether it be good or bad. I think emotions are the most interesting and difficult thing to understand. I spend most of my time trying to understand my own psyche, how I can grow and what hasn’t worked for me in the past. Also, the people close to me in my life are the most inspiring. I am so beyond grateful to have a group of friends and family that I find inspiration in every damn day.

How would you best describe your sound to new listeners?
I usually start with saying my biggest influences which are Blondie, New Order, and The Cure. So it’s a modern take on the new wave genre, but also, I write everything originally on the ukulele. So it’s important for me to keep the lyrics simple and poignant. Like a punch to your heart. At least that’s what I hope it is. I want people to hear my music and relate, to think, “damn I’ve felt that too.” Because when it comes down to it, a lot of the time music gives us the words we feel but don’t necessarily know how to say ourselves in the moment. My records got me through the hardest times in my life, and I can only hope my records can do the same for others.
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Do you have any routines or rituals for when you sit down to write?

Not particularly. I like to write in my room. Once I have one line is just all kinda comes pouring out. My music is very diary entry oriented. Every song I write, I write it because I physically need to, to work through whatever emotion or circumstance I’m struggling with. Even if it’s overwhelming happiness!

How did you find the transition from modelling into singing professionally?

I’ve always been a musician first and foremost. I’m extremely grateful for modelling, but it was also simply a job for me. A way to support myself until I could support myself solely from music. Now it’s really lovely because a lot of the jobs I get are as myself, as a musician rather than simply modelling. Not that there is anything wrong with modelling whatsoever, I’ve loved getting to play different characters throughout my career. It was just never the endgame. Music has and always will be at the forefront.

Fashion is a big inspiration within your visual world; who do you look to for inspiration the most?

I love clothes. I think I have a problem! I get really attached to my clothes because I get attached to the memories I created in them. I think that’s why fashion is so beautiful as a form of self-expression. I’d definitely say that along with my music, the ’80s are a huge influence for me in terms of fashion. I live for an 80’s prom dress with Docs. When I’m on stage feeling like a badass, it’s helped me channel that energy into the music.

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How does it feel when you step onto the stage?

Like I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. I never feel more like myself than when I’m on stage.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Keep believing in yourself. Every artist goes through periods of doubt, I myself always felt super confident in what I was meant to do. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t had moments of realising that just because I feel it’s meant to happen, doesn’t mean it will.

I would tell my younger self that I am a badass, that I’m going to fulfil my dreams not just because I want them to happen, but because I have worked every day to make them happen. And that no matter how old we get, we are constantly learning. If you’re not learning, why are you doing it? I would also tell her, screw those bitches that bullied in your school, you’re way cooler.
 What album would you say is the soundtrack to your life?

That’s a really hard one I have so many. It would definitely a compilation mixtape of Parallel Lines by Blondie, Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me by The Cure, Frank Sinatra’s greatest hits, Power, Corruption, And Lies by New Order, and then probably some musical theatre in there.

Anything you can tell us about what’s next for you?

I have my debut record coming out. I’m playing tons of shows. I’m constantly writing. What’s next? Showing the fuck up!

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