Esteemed grime MC Dapz on the Map discusses his brand-new single “Give Thanks” and forthcoming debut album ‘Landed’.

Hailing from the West Midlands, Daniel Francis, aka Dapz On the Map, has fast become a name echoing throughout the UK grime scene. Emerging back in 2013 with his debut EP ‘III’s a crowd’, the rapper has since received lauded praise from notable pioneers of the grime scene such as Skepta, Kano, Swifta Beater and more.


Building his artistry through witty, soft-spoken vocal delivery, Dapz simultaneously covers topics of self-growth, money, dating alongside a steady flow. Quickly building himself a name to add to the melting pot of esteemed grime MCs, throughout the years Dapz has built an empire of fans.


This year alone has seen the artist collaborate with renowned reggae outfit UB40 for the 2022 Commonwealth Games lead single, release his double-single “Connecting Flights”, and have his latest single “Give Thanks” announced on the official FIFA 23 soundtrack. Now currently working on the release of his debut studio album, ‘Landed’ sees the artist reflect on the past, and gives hope to the future with an introspective offering of 11 gritty cuts.


Dapz speaks to us about the recording process of his new album, dream collaborations and what’s next on his agenda. Dive in!

Hey, how are you? Congrats on the news of your forthcoming debut studio album ‘Landed’ – In the run-up to its release, what track off the album are you most looking forward to fans hearing?

Thank you! If I had to choose one track, it’ll have to be “Explore Page”. I feel like I’ve starved my day-one supporters from my R&B side. “Explore Page” along with “Memory Lane” are also my favourites off the album.

‘Landed’ has been three years in the making. Can you tell me what some of your best moments were during creating this project?

The making of “When”, as I was moving house at the time and painting walls and doors with my brother. I had new neighbours & a new corner shop, there was a canal not too far I could take strolls on. In all fairness, I wrote a lot of the album during that period. Apart from actually finishing the album, it’s up there as one of my best moments.

And the most challenging?

The most challenging part was realising the work had just begun after the album was finished. Releasing a debut album was new territory for me, so I made errors and had learned from them. The process has humbled me as an artist.

Throughout this album, you explore themes of personal growth and self-reflection to mark a new beginning. What would you say have been some aspects of your own personal growth so far?

I’ve learnt to have more patience & gratitude for who I am! My son asked me if I’m on the radio for a living which warmed my heart. This is my calling, so I shouldn’t get disheartened when things don’t go my way or to how I might have planned. Maybe there’s a better plan but I just try to be more optimistic these days.

In the lead up to the album release your lead single “Give Thanks” was announced on the official FIFA 23 soundtrack. That’s exciting! What do you think a younger you would make of that experience?

Absolutely mind-blowing! I originally was a ‘Pro Evo’ man but converted to FIFA in 2012. I recorded a freestyle, “Trendsetter” saying “playing FIFA 13, thinking what I’m on for 013″. If you had told me 10 years later, you’ll have a song on what’s rumoured to be the last ‘FIFA’ game I would of more than likely laughed at you. Not only that, on the track “Give Thanks”, I speak about my son and he actually plays the game. For him to hear his name on a game is the ultimate win for myself. Spiritual!

This year saw you collaborate with UB40 for their 2022 Commonwealth Games lead single ‘Champion’. Can you take me through the process of collaborating with UB40, and  how you found intertwining your contrasting genres?

I was commissioned to write a love letter dedicated to Birmingham, which became, “Born & Raised”. UB40 had been commissioned for the same project and they were looking for a remix, so they could use it for their upcoming album. They shouted at my management asking if I’d be up for it, and now I’m on UB40’s album. Again, mind-blowing.

You’ve released two lead singles off the album already: “Contingency” and “Give Thanks”. Both these tracks saw you team up with frequent collaborator, Swifta Beater (Aitch, AJ Tracey, Ghetts) for the production. What was it like to work with Beater on your first full-length project?

I’ve known Swifta for 20 years. My longest-serving friend in this game. Collaborating on those two tracks was effortless. He calls my Mum, Aunty so it’s safe to say our bond is different.

So far across your career you’ve opted for minimal features to maximise the impact of the milestone point of your career. What are some collaborations you’d hope to see in the future?

I’d like to work with Ragz Originale. I like the movement he’s got with Mini Kingz going on. I rate Knucks, Splurgeboys, Kojey Radical & Little Simz. I’d also like to get in with the legends like Ghetts, Kano, Dizzie & Skepta before they hang up their boots.

You have co-signs from esteemed UK grime figures Kano, Skepta and DJ Target – do you draw influence from a range of genres? If so, which ones come to mind?

I’m an alternative Jazz head, so I love the likes Alex Isley & masego. UK RnB head also, so I like the likes of Bellah, Miraa May & Scribz Riley.

What’s next for Dapz OTM?

More content, more singles, more albums & more of me being free enough in my heart to share my journey for the world to hear.

Stream "Give Thanks" below: