Emerging Palestinian-Canadian artist Nemahsis talks her favourite COLORS performances, selling out Toronto and how to cultivate a fanbase.

“For everyone that doesn’t fit the mould and has felt the need to compromise their individuality in order to be accepted – my wish is to echo your voices,” reads the Spotify bio of Canada-based singer-songwriter Nemahsis. Seeking relatability in non-conformity, the artist has built a loyal fan base over various social media channels and continues to woo with her ethereal balladry.


2022 was a landmark year for Nemahsis, who released her debut EP, ‘eleven achers’, and performed on COLOURS STUDIOS with the standout single “criminal”. In recent times, the artist performed a sold-out show in Toronto and is currently embarking on a solo tour of North America.


 “I wanna be your right hand” is Nemahsis’ latest single and marks an exciting new chapter in her journey. Shifting in sound, the artist completes her musical metamorphosis, whilst maintaining the dulcet delivery that fans have loved her for previously.


To celebrate the release of Nemahsis’ new single and accompanying visuals, we spoke with her about her favourite COLORS performances, selling out Toronto and how to cultivate a fan base.

Hey Nemahsis, how’s 2023 been for you so far? It sounds like you have a busy year ahead! 

2023 has been great, it started out with a North American tour so that’s always a great way to start the new year.

Congratulations on your COLORS debut – what was that experience like? Do you have a personal favourite COLORS performance of another artist? 

Thank you so much. I actually discovered COLORS and Mahalia at the same time, when Mahalia’s first release with them came out in 2017. I have been a fan ever since. It was honestly such a pinch me moment to end up on that platform years later.

It went down really well! Why do you think the single and performance resonated with so many people? 

I think it’s the first song I’ve made that is so easily relatable to the public. Everyone’s encountered a bad person at least one point in their life. It’s written in such a digestible way and as a really simplistic classic ballad. I think it’s the perfect gateway to discovering me.

Let’s talk about your new single, “I wanna be your right hand”. Has it been a long time in the making? 

Actually, this is the newest song I’ve written. The album was almost done and I wasn’t even writing “i wanna be your right hand” to fit on the album, it was something I wanted to have fun with. We made it in November and immediately I knew that it had to be part of the record  because I think it’s such a change in tempo.

You’ve said that you wished to take on a new creative direction with this one, why so? 

‘eleven achers was a biography. I really didn’t want to take away from the stories I was telling. I felt like, if we had skipped the get to know me phase, you would have to write me off entirely as an artist. As I slowly release more and more, you’re going to see the character development of Nemahsis. I also think with the visuals, especially on “i wanna to be your right hand”, you get to see a little bit more of me that you’ve before.

You’re currently on your debut North American tour, this must feel like such a milestone! Where’s been your favourite place to play and have you learnt anything about yourself as a performer in the process? 

Honestly, I think Toronto and I was a little nervous, but it was really cool.

You’ve already sold out a date in Toronto, which must have been such a great feeling given your Palestinian-Canadian heritage. What was it like to play in front of a home crowd?

It was great seeing the audience slowly appear as the lights moved through the set; I’d see people I haven’t seen in like 12 years. They came out not just to support me, but because they’re actually fans of my music. That was such a revolutionary moment.

You’ve cultivated a really big social media following – do you feel like that goes hand in hand with your creative expressions? 

I think my platforms have grown the way that they have because I haven’t necessarily committed to one niche. For me, facing forward, I am a musician first, but there are people following me for the fashion. So, I’ve created a following that love all of or just pieces of me.

For people that might not have come across your music before, which song would you send people to and why? 

I would say “i wanna to be your right hand”, or maybe “criminal”.

To wrap up, what’s coming up for Nemahsis that you’re excited about? Is there anything you’re particularly excited about in 2023? 

I’m excited to perform in America on tour. I’m excited to go to Brooklyn and Los Angeles in particular. I’m excited to film the next few music videos too, because the concepts have been cooking for a while. It’s going to be so exciting to put them into visuals and watch them become more than just a concept I’ve been talking about.

Stream  “I wanna be your right hand” below: