Meet Late July, a rising artist whose upcoming track "Make Me American" deserves a spot on your playlist.

Introducing Late July, the moniker of singer-songwriter Nicole Simone. Working with LA-based artist and producer Kyle McCammon, she is set to release a new track in September. “Make Me American”, or MMA for short, looks to continue the trend for heartfelt and evocative lyrics as set by Late July thus far. 


On the upcoming track, Late July comments:


“I am working on a new song with LA based artist and producer Kyle McCammon (Lean, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Jenny Owens Young). LA is a great place to people watch and appearances truly are everything here. Every time I come back to LA it’s such a jarring experience, as a Canadian there’s a feeling like I shouldn’t be here, and Canada holds so much passive aggressive resentment towards the States sometimes there’s a feeling of being misplaced which I think the song is about. Going from the Don Valley Parkway to The 405 is such a juxtaposition for me. Having gone to school in Southern California as a kid and then going back to Canada, it really formed who I am as a person. There’s a very ‘give it all’ attitude to this part of LA, sacrificing your well-being to be perceived as a better or ‘ultimate’ person. But it’s also this climate of creatives that I love, and the song was being written at a time where I didn’t really feel like I belonged anywhere.


Giving her all to the upcoming song – Late July continues:


“The song is a tribute to the macabre beauty of Los Angeles. I wrote the chorus as a joke while I was working on some songs and was frustrated about my living situation. I sent it to a friend, and she thought it was something more so I finished it later that spring. I’m very familiar with Los Angeles, particularly West Hollywood and Beverly Hills – I always feel like a bit of a spectator there, there’s always so many nuances on the street. I have been nearly a lifelong fan of Elliott Smith and I enjoyed his peripheral view of Los Angeles in this song, which inspired a lot of the writing.”


Check out her social media below to keep up to date on news of the release.

Having already drawn comparisons to ethereal artists including St. Vincent and Lana Del Rey, fans should look out for this upcoming single.


With a striking look, a bi-coastal orchestral sound, and a spectral songwriting approach, this year looks set to be a big one for Late July.

Stream some of her releases so far below: