Astra Kidani is an Asian-American female creative using what she knows to launch a new brand, with a capsule collection dropping at the end of June 2022.

Based in LA but Hawai’i born, Astra Kidani has years of experience in the global fashion industry. Taking full creative control in an endeavour of self-expression, her AK brand aims to express not only who she is and what she stands for, but to apply her own observations on the future of fashion.


Incorporating high-end pieces with contemporary streetwear concepts, especially in the male-dominated fashion spheres, Astra seeks to create a path for female creatives to be recognised.

The story behind the brand is a personal one, based on Astra’s experiences of there being “little to no females and even less Asian female streetwear designers that [she] could look up to.” She describes her own style as both tomboy and girly, but wanted to fill a space for these two aesthetics to be combined under one collection.  


Growing up with an immigrant mother from South Korea and a Japanese father from Oahu, Hawaii, Astra experienced first-hand the difficulties entering the fashion industry without prior connections. After losing her father to cancer, the brand is also fuelled by the designer’s desire  to build a better future for her family, whilst chasing the dreams her father “would’ve wanted”. Having started a small collection last year, June’s capsule collection is full of uniquely cut pieces in line with her design M/O. All pieces are ethically made in LA in partnership with a female-owned sewing partner and part of her profits will be donated to Cancer Research. Check it out here and find Astra’s socials here.