Get to know Shango SK, the Manchester musician with his sights set on global domination.

Radiating positive energy from the minute he steps in the door, Shango SK is an incredibly motivated up-and-comer who plans to be one of the biggest artists this world has ever seen.


Although he’s only got three songs out so far, the emerging artist has big plans for the future. Debuting this year, Shango’s first release “Innocent” was a sleekly self-produced number. Keen to keep the ball rolling, he soon followed it up with dual release “Sleeping On My Own / The Rush”.


Pulling on a variety of inspirations for his own genre-blending music, Shango SK wears the influence of his hometown like a badge of pride on his shirt. Making music has been his main focus since he was 16; the wealth of self-released songs on his Soundcloud standing as a testament to his drive to create.


We spoke to the up-and-coming musician about his journey so far, his love of film, how he stays balanced, and making music that will “change people’s lives”.

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The ‘SK’ in your moniker stands for Stockport. How important is it to rep your hometown in your music career?

Massively. Stockport’s the reason I do everything the way I do, so it’s only right I represent it.

When did you decide that you wanted to pursue a career in music?

As soon as I finished school. I was lucky enough to meet my mentor when I left and he steered me in the right direction, I started making beats at 16 and became obsessed with it.

Nowadays the idea of ‘genre’ is incredibly blurred, but how would you describe your sound?

It’s kinda hard to describe, especially when you’re talking about your own music. I’d say it’s a blend of Hip Hop, Indie and Pop, I just make whatever I feel without limitations.

You recently released two songs – “Sleeping On My Own” and “Rush” – which are both inspired by relationship struggles. Do you find it cathartic to channel your experiences into music?

Definitely, I find that those songs seem to write themselves – like I don’t really have a choice. Sometimes I look back at songs like that and I wonder how I even wrote them.

Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations?

Drake and 40. I hadn’t heard anything like it when I first discovered ‘So Far Gone’, Drake’s brutally honest lyrics and 40’s production – different gravy.

There are a few other artists that had a similar effect on me when I first heard them as well, like Oasis. You can’t describe the feeling their music gives you, same with Elton John, rocket man to this day gives me the same feeling it did when I first heard it.

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You’re a big film buff. Some of your favourite films are Donnie Darko and The Breakfast Club. What do you love about these films in particular?

I love the way both of them were shot for starters, especially Donnie Darko. I watched it [Donnie Darko] when I was going through a bit of a west teenage stage and felt like I fully related to it. I still haven’t got a clue what it’s about so I’m not sure how or why I related to it so much.

Breakfast club’s just so accurate it’s jokes, bit like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off but more honest, can’t fault either of those movies.

Does your love of film and cinema influence your creative process? If so, how?

Always. The best films make you look at things differently, remind you how similar we all are and that we’re all going through shit. It’s dead easy to forget, so when I watch a film that reminds me it makes me wanna write about it. Sometimes not even from my own perspective, could be the characters.

You’re very connected to spirituality and energy. What role does it play in your music career?

It just helps me to stay balanced really. I don’t force anything, take the signs when they come and just keep working to be the best. Life’s so much easier when you just get out your own way, I wish I’d learnt that earlier.

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I can see myself being one of the biggest artists in this, if not the biggest.

What can we expect next from Shango SK?

Better music, better visuals and bigger situations. I’m gonna release an EP in October and I think it’ll change everything, I think it’ll change people’s lives and give them a new feeling

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Listen to Shango SK's most recent singles below: